Breaking Barriers Dinners

Breaking Barriers Dinners

The Breaking Barriers dinner & dialogue series strives to create an environment that nurtures open and honest conversation amongst EO members. Leveraging our EO Forum mindset and skills, members create a safe place for each other to share their authentic perspectives with an open mind and genuine curiosity.

The goal of the dinner is not to change your mind, but rather to allow you to share and hear different perspectives of those around the table. Participants will uncover deep and meaningful insights that lead to new thinking, tools, and approaches to their entrepreneurial experience and leadership.

Important Requirements:

  • Forum-trained members only. This experience requires knowledge, experience, and willingness to be vulnerable — all Forum concepts. This event is not open to spouses/guests, SAPs, key executives, or Accelerators.
  • 3-hour commitment. This experience requires 3 hours once at the restaurant. Late arrivals or early departures will interrupt the experience for others.
  • Pay your way. For simplicity, the final dinner bill will be split evenly amongst members. Expect ~$75- $100/each depending on the table’s tab and tip.


Breaking Barriers Dinner: Loss — Coping with Personal and Professional Grief

This topic will explore the experience of coping with significant loss in your personal or professional life. Please come willing to experience share on the following:

  • your experience(s) with loss
  • effects on family life and business
  • creating a supportive environment for grieving



Breaking Barriers Dinner: Mental Health — Going Beyond Are You OK?

This topic will explore mental health issues you or your loved ones are working through. Please come willing to experience share on the following:

  • warning signs
  • isolation vs. loneliness
  • suicidal thoughts and loss due to suicide



Breaking Barriers Dinner: Experiences as a First-Generation Entrepreneur

This topic will explore the experiences of first-generation entrepreneurs. Please come willing to experience share on the following:

  • your family immigrant story
  • how immigration affected/affects your entrepreneurial journey
  • concerns immigrants have when starting their journey



Breaking Barriers Dinner: Legacy — It Is Not How You Find the World, It Is How You Leave It

This topic will explore the topic of leaving a legacy. Please come willing to experience share on the following:

  • different types of legacies
  • life lessons and experiences
  • personal values and definition of success



More information and registration coming soon!