Opening Night – Starship Yacht



EO Nerve Tampa’s opening night will be spent on the magnificent StarShip yacht. Attendees will drink, dine and dance while we tour Tampa Bay. StarShip is America’s first 3-Diamond Rated dining yacht and it is fully air-conditioned. It is the perfect venue to see Tampa’s beautiful waterfront! We will pass celebrity homes including that of Tom Brady as we party the night away.

The EO Nerve 2023 Committee has arranged for this beautiful vessel to pick us up and drop us off right by the JW Marriott, our conference hotel. Don’t miss out!

Second Night NERVE Social – EO Pirate Costume Party



Channel your inner pirate at EO Nerve’s Gasparilla Party. For over 100 years, 10,000s of pirates roam the streets of Tampa every January celebrating the friendly invasion by the mythical pirate José Gaspar (aka Gasparilla). The event draws hundreds of thousands of spectators and is the third-largest parade in the country.

A local tradition since 1904, our EO Nerve second night social will re-create the Gasparilla experience with a unique EO twist. Our event venue for the party will be Anchor & Brine, a spectacular waterfront restaurant featuring seafood specialties, cocktail pairings and other surprises.

Dress Code: Pirate casual.

All pre-ordered costumes can be picked up when at the Nerve registration desk.


Dress the part for EO Gasparilla’s Party. Our official EO Gasparilla stylist is Pirate Fashions, the largest Pirate Store in the World! Owned by Tiger Lee, one of the original 16 members who formed EO’s predecessor organization ACE, Tiger and his crew have dressed more pirates than would fit in the Tampa Bay Buccaneer stadium. You can get everything in one place, from pirate hats to clothing, leather goods, weapons n’ foot gear.

There are three main types of pirate garb to wear at any pirate event. The Street or Pirate Lite outfit, which consists of a Pirate T-shirt with a sash and bandana will give you a hint of pirate. Good for those new and in the crowd of partygoers. Casual or Working Pirate outfit consisting of a rugged look with simple cotton and linen fabrics. Good for those who want a comfortable n’ authentic look. Formal or Fancy Pirate outfits consist of lace trim and fancy fabrics. Great for those who want to be outlandish on a night out in the town. 

Instructions for Pre-Ordering Online

Pirate garb can be ordered online. Shoppers should write in the notes section of the shopping cart that they will pick up at NERVE23. If picking up onsite, the shipping will be refunded when you pick up your order. You can also have your order shipped to you, and pay the shipping fee. Enter Discount Code “NERVE23” for a free bandana with your order.


Closing Night NERVE Social – To Be Announced